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According to recent articles by professionals in the interior design industry the new color trends have moved in 2020 to bold, saturated colors after many years of beige, grey and variations of white.

If you love bold colors this sounds like great news, right? However, if you are a homeowner that is investing either lots of money or some money and lots of time in painting your home maybe these trend changes are not such great news.

For years, homeowners and their real estate professionals have walked a fine line between current interior trends and choosing a neutral palette that attracts the most potential buyers. If a homeowner went with rich color choices in paint and other decor, they risked paying a price at the time of resale. A glossy red dining room or purple wallpapered bedroom may even have turned away potential buyers.

Paint manufacturers announce color trends yearly. For obvious reasons, Pantone Color Institute introduced its color of the year concept more than 20 years ago. The color of the year represents a clever way to influence design choices and market paint products. After Pantone, other paint and color manufacturers hopped on the bandwagon. They change palettes to market their new vision and sell paint! The colors for 2020 announced by manufacturers such as Pantone, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and others include royal and navy blues, dusty pink, and multiple variations of green. According to experts in the design industry, “the choices represent a collective yearning for greater personalization happening throughout the fashion and design worlds.” Keep in mind, each paint manufacturer will have their spin on those colors.

Yet, a dilemma remains for those who aren’t convinced about going bold. There is still a legitimate worry that many buyers will be turned off despite the new colors’ trendiness. Is it better to use large expanses of vibrant hues in ways that are complimentary? Or should homeowners stick with the neutrals and add a few bold accents here and there?

Homeowners should approach the new, bolder interior design colors as inspiration rather than palettes to imitate throughout a home. “The trends are more for HGTV designers and to provide ideas rather than have everyone follow them exactly,” says Gideon Mendelson, a New York based designer in a recent article of Realtor magazine.

Neutrals are Still Important

While bold colors get all the buzz, grays, beiges, and whites aren’t disappearing completely. “They’re classics,” says designer and blogger Laurel Bern of Laurel Bern Interiors Neutrals will continue to show up in interiors, especially in the kitchen, according to the 2020 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study findings. White continues to be the most popular cabinet color, followed by medium wood, then gray. And neutral grays, whites, and beiges are still highly popular on walls and throughout interiors.

Pairing Neutrals with Bold Colors

The biggest takeaway from this year’s interior trends is that neutrals are more frequently being paired with pops of stronger colors. Some of the neutral paint colors even have a hint of underlying tones to offer a happy middle ground and some freshness.

Advice for Clients

Ultimately, homeowners should go with that makes them feel good rather than what’s trending, particularly if you plan to stay in your home for some time. You can ask yourself questions such as, “What colors make me feel comfortable?” Taking the size of the room, how it’s lit, and its intended use into consideration is also important. If the answers point toward a bolder hue, then perhaps try testing it in small doses. You might initially choose just one accent wall to try a big bolder color. Powder rooms are a fun place to experiment with an intense shade or experimenting with pops of color in heavily trafficked rooms, such as the kitchen, but in unexpected places, such as inside cabinetry and drawers.

Another way to introduce bold hues is through pillows and other soft features against a neutral background, the benefit is that they’re easy to switch out.

Repaint if You Must

Again, the important question any seller or buyer must ask themselves is how many years do you plan to be in your home. While nobody knows for certain, most have a rough idea. If it’s fewer than five years, and definitely less than three, then you might consider using more universally appealing neutrals for walls and permanent features, such as cabinets and countertops. Save the bolder new colors for accessories, art, or accents with a discretion.

For those who think you will stay longer and are comfortable with boldness, go for it. As long as you understand that overly vibrant color choices may need to be changed should you wish to sell then have no regrets!

As always, Donna Baker and Delores Doussard, the DREAM Team at RE/MAX Preferred are always available to provide advice regarding the marketing of your home. If you are considering making major improvements or are preparing your home for market, we would be happy to give you our professional opinion on what is currently selling in our area.

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